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Buying your new car with Cotswold Car Broker

Buying your new car with Cotswold Car Broker

Having over 28 Years experience buying and selling performance prestige and classic cars to your daily driver. I have a vast knowledge of purchasing and finding the finest examples to your budget that are on the market or through auctions and trade contact’s on our database

What I can do for you as a customer buying a new car. 

I can handle the complete finding and sourcing of the exact vehicle you are looking to purchase. Working with you the customer to find the best examples on the market to your budget. I can also assist you in arranging your finance and a warranty if your car is sourced via auction or private seller.

If you have found your new car simply send me the link or details of the advert. I do all the work for you, contacting the dealer or seller and checking their reputation the car’s history & Service history & making sure the warranty is sufficient whilst asking the dealer all the questions that need asking. I then negotiate the price & secure a deal for you the buyer. Leaving you to simply call the sales representative, make your deposit and arrange collection of your new car. If you need finance for your new car I am able to assist you with a reputable finance company getting you the best deal for your money.

My charge for this is simple. I charge you 50% Of what I save you from the advertised screen price of the car. This not only saving you money in almost all purchases covering my fees, if a discount is not achieved the fee is £250.00 . If you would like me to view and inspect the vehicle for you, our charge £80.00 Per hour plus fuel.

Simply text me a link to the cars you are looking to buy and we will arrange a call to discuss.  

This is a simple service for you the customer.

I also source and supply rare exotics, prestige , performance & super performance marques.

Free advice on finance and warranties.

Car valuations for insurance or peace of mind.

National and international auction handling.

Car collection management.