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Car Collectors & collection’s

Car Collectors & collection’s

Cotswold car broker offer a car collection management service for you and your collection along with advice and assistance for the independent purchasing and selling of Classic, prestige, exotic and performance vehicles.

Being fully aware of the love and care that people have for their prestigious car’s & Collection’s. Having almost 30 Years of experience in the handling of prestigious classics and exotic cars whilst being fully aware and experienced in the management and handling of such vehicles. Along with the detail and movements that need to be addressed to keep such cars in pristine condition and top order, our management service look’s after you our client and your pride collection from your home or storage facility.

With our management service you will be left to enjoy your car’s when you want them. leaving us to keep your vehicles up to date with servicing, maintenance, detailing and cleaning.

Commissioning into storage and recommissioning when you want them. We are your consultant when you are looking to buy or sell a unit from your collection along with all aspect’s of storing and maintaining.

You will receive report’s on your vehicles as to when the market is high for specific models you may have, along with purchase and sales of unit’s throughout the year that are of good investment for future profits and enjoyable motoring on your behalf. 

We also offer credited and insurance approved valuations.

Vehicle inspections and appraisals of potential new purchases.

We offer the handling and marketing of vehicles you would like to sell purchase or exchange. We handle auction house selling, national and international sales, advertising and retail sales to stealth selling for those whom do not want to see their pride and joy published on the web.

For any further information on our car collection management please contact myself direct.