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Customer Feedback

Here are some examples of the feedback we’ve received from customers. Feel free to add your own feedback, whatever you have to say we’d love to hear from you.

Juliette Baylis


Very professional and personal service from Ian. Have both bought from him and sold through him. Very straightforward way of doing business. Very swift. Superb advertising, really goes above and beyond.
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Ian at all..

Was a pleasure as alway's Juliette

Will look forward to seeing you guy'd in the future


Tom Harris


I have known Ian for a number of years having used him for classic car storage, he is always incredibly helpful. I have recently bought a new (old) car through Ian who managed the sale very efficiently getting a good deal for myself and the seller. Ian makes the process simple, I collected the car 3 days after I expressed interest. I'm looking forward to continue doing business with Ian.

Thank you Tom

Was a pleasure as always.



Tony Jenman


Ian was a very nice man to deal with and very genuine.We had a very chat and a lot in common ,and would recommend buying a car from him .It was a easy transaction with no problems and great communication.It was a pleasure to meet you and I’m enjoying my Porsche immensely 👍

Hello Tony

Was a pleasure to meet you also, will certainly be looking forward to seeing you in the future when it's time to change that lovely Porsche for another,

Enjoy the car and look forward to seeing you again





Very pleased that I found Ian. I had tried selling an Aston privately but had been unsuccessful. Once appointed, he managed to find a buyer quickly and at a good price. I will certainly use him when I want to buy and sell cars in the future.

Hello Iain

Thank you for the feedback, was a pleasure to assist you and will look forward to hearing from you


Lee Brewer


Highly recommend
just sold my Ac cobra for me.
Very fast service.
Will be using Ian again very soon.

A pleasure Lee and what an AC Cobra ! Stunning car and one very happy owner




Ian managed the sale of my car to perfection. He was very honest, candid, responsive and pragmatic which made dealing with him simple and a pleasure.

My car sale went exactly to plan and I look forward to working with him again in the future.

Thank you for the feedback Calum

Was a pleasure and hope to hear from you in the future


Wayne Ian Lambley


Ian came to Nottingham to value my Ford Sierra RS 500 Cosworth, It was in moonstone blue the rarest colour, one with 30,400 genuine miles on the clock, it also had all the history to go with six A4 volumes of service history, MOTS etc everything since day one. It was nice for someone to be Genuine with me and give the car a respectable value. It's nice to be able to trust some one. Ian was brill. 5 + score.

Hello Wayne

I enjoyed my day in Nottingham was lovely to meet you and your wife Not to mention a very good example of the Rs500..
Look forward to hearing from you in the future.

Thank you




An absolutely superb service provided by Ian, selling my car swiftly, at a price I was more than happy with. A friendly trouble free service is all I could ask for and that is certainly what Cotswold Car Broker provide. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone. Thank you!

Thank you Thomas

Was a pleasure and will look forward to seeing you in the future


Bob Broadley


An effortless and stress free way to sell a car.I would not hesitate to recommend Ian and his team who made the entire process very simple and very quick.
My car was sold very quickly and at a price I was very happy with.
I would definitely use them again.

Hello Bob

Was a pleasure, hope to see you in the future


Chris Forman


A good experience, I am really pleased that I asked Ian to sell my car - he was knowledgeable, helpful, responsive and efficient.
I would highly recommend Cotswold Car Broker and would certainly use the service again.
Chris F

Thank you Chris ! Was a pleasure

Hope to see you in the future


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