Transportation Services.

From our experience we are fully aware of the difficulties of transportation for performance and classic vehicles, and the care and patience that is needed to transport such vehicles.

We have a selection of transport methods, from trailer to an inclosed transport unit along with a specially adapted transporter for low performance vehicles.

Transportation services offering collection and drop off covering all of mainland UK and Europe.

Contact the office for further information or to arrange a quote on: 07513 597988

Servicing & Repairs

We specialise in performance and Classic vehicles with many years of knowledge and education within high performance vehicles.

We offer:
All levels of servicing
Engine diagnoses and repairs
Gearbox repairs
Clutch replacement
Air Conditioning
Electrical faults

For any further information or technical advice and assistance please contact the office on: 07513 597988.

We offer storage for any type of car, in a discrete, secure, rural location in the Cotswolds. We have over twenty years of involvement with performance, prestige, classic and pre war vehicles allows us the knowledge to correctly care for your vehicle.

We provide three main levels of car storage, or we are happy to put together a bespoke storage plan that best suits your (and your vehicle’s) needs.

We offer:
Dry secure carcoon storage
Tracker and battery conditioning
Recommissioning, servicing and maintenance including monthly engine start up and testing of all mechanical and electrical components
Test driven on request
Full comprehensive insurance cover for your vehicle whilst in our possession
Full valet and detailing for your vehicle
Transportation up to dry secure specialist transport of your vehicle along with international shipping

Cotswold Motor Storage is insured for the collection, delivery and onsite movements of all vehicles whilst in our care.

For any further information please contact the office on: 07513 597988.


We offer WMS Warranty’s to you the customer. 2 – 5 star full comprehensive cover, along with 6, 12, 24 and 36 month warranties.

2* car warranty cover:
Cover includes the breakdownof certain components under the following headings: engine, manual/auto gearbox, drive system, electrical, brakes, steering, cooling system, casings.

3* car warranty cover:
Cover includes the breakdown of certain components under the following headings: engine, manual/auto gearbox, timing belts, differential, clutch, brakes, prop shaft, wheel bearings, steering, suspension, fuel system, cooling system, electrical, diesel injection, casings.

4* car warranty cover
Cover includes the breakdown of certain components under the following headings: engine, manual/auto gearbox, timing belts turbo, drive system, brakes, steering, cooling system, prop shaft, fuel system, suspension, wheel bearings, clutch, electrical, casings.

5* car warranty cover
During the period of insurance, all non-modified mechanical and electrical items will be insured against breakdown except those listed under exclusions.

Cotswold Motorsport also offer tailor made warranty packages for vehicles up to £150,000.00 and above
These comprehensive warranties have been tailor made to suit your super sports or high end prestige vehicle.
The packages are standard on the sale of our high end vehicles with upgrades to £10,000.00 comprehensive cover and up to 36 month cover.

If you have purchased from us, then you would have or will be offered all information regarding our vehicle insurance cover.
If you have not purchased a vehicle from us and would like more information or to purchase a warranty for your vehicle, please contact us to arrange.