Welcome to our warranty page.

We have took the time to find the best warranty cover for your vehicle assuring that you as the motorist has the correct cover if your vehicle was to fail you at anytime and that your cover will pay the full hourly rate of the garage along with diagnoses and fluids,  that you receive recovery and a hire car and that all major components are covered from the lowest level of warranty available from us when purchasing your vehicle.

When you purchase your vehicle you will receive a 3-6 month gold warranty cover from warranty wise included in the purchase of your vehicle as standard.

When viewing one of our vehicles please ask for full details on our warranty packages.

Looking to purchase a new warranty for your car ! Please call for warranty options plans and prices.

We offer 3 upgrades to platinum plus and up to 36 month.

We also offer our own warranties for your vehicle, this will be presented to you on the purchase of your vehicle and you will be free to choose our own warranty or the insurance approved warranty wise cover.

Please ask about

Cotswold Car Broker also offer tailor made warranty packages for vehicles up to £200,000.00 and above
These comprehensive warranties have been tailor made to suit your super sports or high end prestige vehicles.
The packages are standard on the sale of our high end vehicles with upgrades to £10,000.00 comprehensive cover and up to 36 months.
If you have purchased from us, then you would have or will be offered all information regarding our vehicle insurance cover.
If you have not purchased a vehicle from us and would like more information or to purchase a warranty for your vehicle, please contact us to arrange.